Using NDepend to Understand Complicated .NET Code Base
In a recent project, I am faced with a challenge to understand a large .NET code base developed by several team members over quite a few years. All of them had left, leaving behind only a couple documents covering the usage of the software; very little documentation is found on the program architecture or algorithms. Comments in the code are also scarce. 

The total code base is tens of thousands of lines long, so I direly need a way to understand the architecture quickly.

Being a visual person, I started with Visual Studio's class diagram. That helped a little but not too much, because the class diagram only revealed data structures. What's more important to me is the call diagram among functions which can show me the flow of computation in a bird's-eye view. I heard somewhere there is such a tool in Visual Studio Enterprise, but I only have the free Visual Studio Community and wouldn't be able to afford an Enterprise…
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